This is my basement finishing project.  Took about 8 months to complete and it was a lot of hard work (I missed the entire 1st season of Survivor!) but we are happy with end result.

Phase 1: Below are pictures of the basement from every angle just before the project began.  Some of the supplies are already purchased, but all of the junk is still in the basement.


Phase 2: Framing Begins.  I also ran all of the AC 110 wiring  & low voltage coax, cat5, cat3 and RCA. Insulation added and I ran the additional waterlines and plumbing. I started on the first piece of drywall


Phase 3: Drywall ordered.  More insulation added, mainly for soundproofing reasons.

Phase 4: Drywall going up.

Phase 5: Drywall being mudded.

Phase 6: Drywall being finished up.  (YES, this is a long process, my LEAST favorite!)

Phase 7: Tile Floor going down with help from my friends Gary and Stewart.

Phase 8: Painting Begins. New light fixture hung in stairwell.

Phase 9: Painting and trim work being finished up.  Base Cabinets on wall added and painted.

Phase 10: Carpeting has been put down. Moving the "stuff" back into the basement. Note my "In-Wall" fish tank.  I had planned on one much bigger but logistics wouldn't allow it. You will also note my temporary TV stand.  This TV is mounted on a turntable that allows the TV to spin around and allow it to be watched through the window outside while sitting in the hottub! Outside surround speakers of course!

Phase 11: Below are pictures of the basement once finished and everything moved back in.  Including the new fully stocked wet bar! (Hey we don't care if wet bars went out decades ago!  I wanted one!!)


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