(Acquired 9/24/04)

Not much to see here right now I know...

We recently purchased 22 acres in Shelby County to build on in the next few years.

 It is tract 9 in the satellite photo below. (click on photos for larger view)

Below are some Topo maps I made using GPS coordinates of the property lines. Note that the 3D pictures below are exaggerated 8x to show the slope of the land. It is NOT that drastic or hilly as it appears.



Below are some of the first photos of the land.


9/26/04 - Land Acquired (Showing the old tobacco barn and views from behind it before the leaves dropped.)

11/15/04 - After the leaves have fallen


11/28/04 - Planted first 2  Sugar Maple Trees to line future Driveway


12/5/04 - Planted 4 more sugar maples for a total of 6.  (Only 12 more to plant!) Done for 2004!

2/5/05 - Planted 50 White Pine Seedlings and 25 Yellow Poplar Seedlings. Sadly in 1 week's time the deer have eaten most of them! Needless to say I need become a deer hunter in the future! Have bought some welding wire to protect the remaining trees.  Will plant more later and take pictures.

2/15/05 - 1st estimate on building the pond. See photo below for the proposed 2 Acre Pond and road

3/20/05 - 5 more Sugar Maples planted to line the driveway. Now only 7 more to go. Also pulled out the old barb wire fencing from the lower South East corner of the property. This can be seen a thin dark grey diagonal line in the photo. Also ordered 50 more white pine saplings. Below is a picture of where the trees are being planted.  Trying to get them all in before Spring!


4/7/05 - Pond Construction has begun, but was delayed several months due to rain.



5/27/05 - Hay has been cut and round baled.

7/24/05 - Pond Construction has begun again!


8/25/05 - Pond Construction is complete and it has begun to fill.  You'll see the posts have been set for the future dock.  Also notice some of the structure I have already added to the pond. Cleis is trying her hand at rock throwing.



10/27/05 - Construction of 50x80 Pole Barn is complete! (I'll have more pictures of the construction later)  It's already filled up with all my junk!  Just ran the electric line underground, and about to finish up the wiring for 200 Amp Service.


02/03/06 - Dock is almost completed and pond continues filling up.


03/05/06 - Dock is complete and pond continues filling up. I finished up the electric service this weekend, now just need to get it inspected and turn on the juice!  We also decided to burn the giant brush pile today!


03/17/06 - St Patrick's Day and pond continues filling up! The electric service is finished, inspected and I have power!  Took awhile to do it myself, but now I can have some cold drinks in the fridge!


09/27/06 - Well the pond is now just a few inches from being totally full.  The first stocking of Bluegill and Channel Catfish is scheduled for October 16th.  Also shown is my Walnut Grove of 100 Black Walnut trees.


08/25/09 - 3 Years of waiting for the Pond and Fish to Mature and this happened.  The pond turned over in 1 day killing most of the fish including all the largest ones. I'll upload some video as well. Click on the thumbnails below and be sure to click on the arrows o scroll right for more pictures.


Dead Largemouth


Look for lots of happenings on this page over the next few years!


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