2014 Grand Design Momentum 385TH Toy Hauler 5th Fifth Wheel Camper

 FOR SALE: February 2022

*Please note that sale of this camper is currently on hold due to Covid-19 Pandemic*


Stored INSIDE 80' my Insulated Pole Barn



2014 Grand Design Momentum 385TH Triple Slide, Triple Axle. Triple AC, Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler Camper. 4 Season Insulated Camper with Heated tanks option. This IS the top of the line brand Camper you can purchase.  Grand Design is THE name in Quality and Luxury. See below everything this Camper includes above and beyond how it comes from the factory. Stored INSIDE of building when not in use. Forget the bunkhouse if you have kids! We had one prior to this, and the toy hauler with two queen beds and Loft Bed is so much more useful. Get the best of everything!

  • I know what I like to see when shopping for a camper. Lots and lots of pictures and lots of information. Not just 2 or 3 lines cut and pasted specs. Especially if I am coming some distance to see it. Most of mine are my actual watermarked pictures (Not stolen from some other site or seller!) with some pictures from the actual sales brochure.


    Why waste people's time by not showing something? So I have jam packed this ad with tons of pictures so you can see just how nice this Toy Hauler is. Let's face it. If you are going to consider a camper that is 5 years old, ideally you want one that has been protected from the elements and kept inside. The Rain, Snow and Heat are the worst enemy of these campers.  Why buy a new one when you can get this one just like them with probably MORE options for thousands less. Seriously, this camper has all the same options and look as the brand new campers. That's why I got it! Fireplace, Self Leveling, Central Vac (with Sweep Vent in floor!), Separate Washer and Dryer in Master, (Not cluttered up taking up your precious space in Toy Hauler!) THREE AC Units, FOUR LCD Televisions, Remote Backup Camera and Monitor, Bath and a Half!  The second bathroom is accessible from the living space, and the garage. Huge Master Bedroom with KING Size Bed, Slide Topper Awnings on all slides. Across from the kitchen is the other slide that holds the couch, 4 theater style seats. They all recline all the way back. Why buy a new one when you can get this one just like them with probably MORE options for thousands less. A new one has got nothing on this one! In fact, I don't even car for most the new models, they all look so cheap inside now.  Beautiful like New! 3 SLIDES and loaded with Options! Kept inside building the entire year except when in use. Sleeping capacity is 8 comfortably!  Stored INSIDE 80' my Insulated Pole Barn in Shelbyville, KY when not in use. Great Condition inside and outside. Kitchen Sink Shines like the day it was purchased. Nice Neutral Colors mean camper will never look dated. Toy Hauler section was used mainly a living space but used it to haul kayaks and bicycles and a golf cart once.

    Used for occasional camping and parking on my property out by the pond:

    Enjoying the Outside LED TV from the HOT TUB!

     This is big enough at 42'9 to give you PLENTY of ROOM. Looking for a live-in camper for you and your family while you build your house or spend the winter months in Florida? This would be great. 12 foot garage also has carpeting so it can be used as living space and has dual retractable Queen size beds that doubles as bench seating with table. Has TRIPLE AC units with  Digital Thermostats. (Triple AC units is a nice upgrade, especially if you are going to be going anywhere HOT!) 4 LCD televisions (Yes 4 of them!), 2 Power Front Awnings, HEATED and insulated pass through basement storage, 73 Hours on Generator. Basically hasn't been used except to start up and run it periodically for maintenance. When the patio is down, there is a 3-season garage wall. It’s basically sliding screen doors with plastic that can velcro over the screen.  The doors also open all the way to get toys in and out. There are vents that can be opened when traveling to circulate the air and let fumes out if you have “toys” in the garage, as well as a rear awning.  Bottom Rear bunk lowers down to become bench seating with a cool Grand Design Padded table. Much more. Of course since it is a Toy Hauler you have a built in Onan Generator with only 73 Hours that will power everything including all air conditioners.

    Great for Boondocking! Also has separate fueling Station for refueling generator or your toys!

    Separate Washer and Dryer in Master Bedroom Walk in Closet, not taking up precious space in Garage Area

    I can answer all the usual questions: No Smells, No issues, No stains, No delamination, No Problems, Everything works, No smoking, No Pets, No leaks. Roof is in perfect condition and clean and well maintained. Clean Title in hand, no lien, ready to go! It is move in ready. CLEAN! Hook up and go. You will think you are buying from a dealership it's so nice, but no without the markup and add-ons and taxes.

    Garmin Rear Wireless backup camera with Wireless Remote Monitor/RV GPS  to put in your truck. So nice to be able to see what is behind your camper for a change

    Had custom fabricated aluminum diamond plated floor pan added in the areas where the hydraulic front legs are located to give you additional storage for hoses, cords, or whatever. Otherwise these just open straight out to the ground below in most campers.

    Just spent $800 having entire Camper washed and WAXED in fall. (See close up of Front Cap)

    All manuals for EVERYTHING kept and organized in GD Pouch!

    Nice & Easy Control Center for all your hookups.  Built in Water filter.  I also added the Water pump switch to allow you the ability to turn the water pump on remotely from the outside and labeled everything!

    Another attention to detail I added: Pegboard and carpet for outside through storage!
    Gives me a lot more room for tool and item storage. Last picture shows enjoying the outside LED Television from the Hot Tub. (Sorry Hot tub not included!)

    Garmin RV Specific GPS and Rear Wireless backup Camera and Monitor

    Tinted Frameless Windows

    6 Point Hydraulic Level up Leveling system. If you haven't yet had the please of having a self-leveling camper.  You are in for a treat! Hit one button and you are done!  No way I could go back to old method of driving up on leveling blocks and holding up the campground while you pull in and out to get your rig level!

    LED lighted Awning

    Brand NEW 2021 OEM Couch Recliner Set with Built in Lighting, Heated Seats, Massage, Lighted Cup Holders and Removable Laptop Stand. (Over $2000 spent)

    Entertainment Package with 4 LED TVs – Soundbar in Garage Area and outside LED TV

    Upgraded Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress. So Comfortable!

    Triple 15K A/C's with 1 control panel to run individual thermostats. Also Power Control system allows you to run all 3 AC units and manage running other high draw items like the Microwave or Dryer, without tripping breakers

    Enclosed heated Underbelly with tank heating strips.

    Things I have personally added/modified:
  • Replaced 42" Main Television with 55: TCL Roku Smart LED Television
  •  Replaced Couch and Recliners to updated 2020 OEM Model
  •  Put bug screens on camper and on the AC units
  • Added Remote Switch for Water Pump outside
  • Added a Rear Backup Camera Switch to turn on and off vs always on from the factory
  • Added LED rope lighting to rear walk in closet
  • Added LED Rope lighting to the pantry to make it much easier to see full pantry
  • Added Pegboard and carpet to outside through storage
  • Added custom Aluminum diamond plate to hydraulic storage compartments to allow more storage
  • Purchased Wireless RV lock

This unit was top of the line with almost every option. Here are few to make note of:

  • Garmin RV 760LMT RV Specific GPS with Rear Wireless Backup Camera. (So helpful to be able to see behind you!)

  • Washer and Dryer included in Master Bedroom. (not just hook ups in the garage like many toyhaulers that take up too much space and no room for your toys

  • Walk Around King Bed

  • Double front Master Bedroom Dresser (Most Momentums have a single, this was an added option)

  • Safe in rear bedroom

  • Triple 15K A/C's and Fireplace with Remote Control

  • Tinted Frameless Windows

  • 6 Point Hydraulic Level up Leveling system. Hit one button and you are done!

  • LED lighted Awning

  • Slide Topper Awnings on all slides

  • RV Lock Wireless Door lock

  • Entertainment Package with 4 LED TVs Blueray DVD player, 2 in independent Stereos with DVD players

  • Added Soundbar in Garage


  • Central Vacuum System with included sweep vent option to just sweep the floor and suck everything up. No more Dust pan! No bending over!
  • Upgraded Memory Foam Mattress. So Comfortable!
  • Double Door refrigerator

    High Definition picture using standard antenna on top of RV, no need for Satellite if you don't have it! (But it is of course prepped for Satellite and Cable.) I get over 30 HD channels over the air, all for free of course!

    Also along with storing my camper INSIDE to keep it like new. I am very meticulous taking care of my campers. I like them to be clean - inside and out. It is never put away dirty and always washed before being put inside if needed. I spend AT LEAST 1 hour after every trip filling, flushing and back flushing my grey and black tanks until they drain crystal clear, so the tank sensors are always accurate. (No it's not a fun job, but it needs to be done, so do it right!)

    Before the start of the Spring Season, I completely flush the hot water tank with a vinegar solution and rinse out any sediment that may have settled. I also replace the anode and the electric element with brand new ones so everything remains trouble free. I also "shock" the fresh water system and storage tank after it's been winterized with a high chlorinated solution to keep everything fresh. Experienced camper owners know these things are often neglected and 1st time owners never know to check or ask about these things when shopping used. So be sure to ask these questions when looking at other used campers! Be wary of the "weekend warriors" that bought a camper and just park it after each trip and don't do the things to properly clean and maintain them and it's been sitting outside "unused for years". If a camper is a bargain and seller is jumping at your offer, there is usually a reason! Feel free to email me for more information or additional pictures if you want to see something or you would like to set up an appointment to come see it. $53,900 considering it's a 2014 in like new condition, stored INSIDE and all the extras and options. But open to offers. Thanks.

    Prefer emails over phone or text to keep everything straight. But we can talk on phone once I know you are a real person seriously interested and not a scammer! Contact me for more information or photos.

    2014 Grand Design Momentum 385TH Specs:

Actual Pictures shown below (Click for a full size view!)


Pictures from all angles of Exterior shown below (Click for a full size view!)
2017 Dodge Ram 5500 Truck was bought specifically to haul this camper and only has 4050 miles on it as of 8/11/20. Might sell as package deal


Pictures from Interior shown below (Click for a full size view!) Bathroom has huge "Maxi" Shower with seat




Pictures from the Main Living Area/Family Room/Kitchen Area shown below. These pics aren't when the unit was new!  They were just taken 6/5/21! *- Note these pictures show the OLD furniture.  It has been replaced with the updated furniture from the 2020 models with full LED lights, Cup Holders, Massage, Heat, and removable Laptop Tables (Click for a full size view!)



Pictures from Garage Area shown below (Click for a full size view!)


Pictures from Master Bedroom shown below (Click for a full size view!)



Additional Pictures of 2014 Grand Design Momentum 385TH (Exactly the same but not mine)


Pictures from the Brochure shown below