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CMI MPH Industries Z25 Handheld Radar Gun


with POP Technology (in original case)


I have for sale this MPH Z25 K-Band Handheld Police Radar Gun with POP technology.  If you are not familiar with POP technology it allowed the operator to send out a very short burst (67ms) to acquire a vehicle speed. It was so fast radar detectors were unable to detect the signal and alert.  Fortunately for speeders,  any speed obtained by POP was not admissible in court, so it never really caught on.  This gun is several years old but has been sitting in storage for many years, not being used. I have been watching Ebay for over 2 years to see one of these come up for sale and I have never seen one.  They are very rare.  Radar Unit and Original case included as shown. No other accessories or instructions included.  This is an MPH unit.  K-Band. Stationary Only. I have tested the unit with tuning forks and it gets accurate speeds.  These guns must be recalibrated and recertified usually every year for law enforcement use to be able to stand up in court.  This gun has been sitting for several years and has no calibration certificates.  Expect that you should need to have the unit checked out and re-calibrated.  I can only guarantee the unit powers on and tests ok with the 35 and 65 hour tuning forks as mentioned.  I will upload a video soon of the unit operating. Any questions please ask!  Thanks!


  • Extremely simple to use
  • Instantaneous speed capture
  • Excellent target range
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Narrow beam K-band antenna
  • Comprehensive error detection
  • Patented POP™ feature
  • “Fastest vehicle” mode
  • Two-window speed display


The Z-25 handheld is the most advanced stationary Doppler radar. The Z-25's POP™ feature allows the officer to monitor traffic speeds all day without setting off a single radar detector. There are two speed displays, allowing both “track-through-lock” and “fastest vehicle” readings. This second display also confirms the radar's status at any time that the operating mode is changed. Activation of a mode key is confirmed by synthesized voice. The Z-25 package includes the radar, carrying case, and removable DC power cord Handle.

Has variable audio and range, internal calibration test, segment test, RF hold and audio squelch.  Low Volt and RFI warning indication.


  • basic handheld radar gun
  • K band (24.125 GHz +/-100 MHz)
  • stationary
  • Fastest AND Strongest targets
  • POP mode -- -- cannot LOCK target speed while in POP mode.
    Very short transmission time, intended to defeat radar detectors.
    Manufacturer claims 100 ms (1/10 second) transmission time,
    other sources indicate as short as 67.25 ms.
  • Audio Doppler (Target)
  • Manual-lock
  • optional RS-232 Data Port
    connect to video system or computer, speed in kmh available
  • Power Source
    Z-35 -- internal (handle) battery)
    Z-25 -- car battery


  • POP mode
  • Manual Lock
  • Range Control
  • Audio Volume
  • Segment Check
  • Audio Squelch
  • Test -- (dual-crystal internal test and segment check)
  • Display -- Target Speed
    10 to 160 mph (16 to 270 kmh)

  • Display -- Locked Speed or Fastest Target
    10 to 160 mph (16 to 270 kmh)

  • Indicators
    Low Voltage
    RFI -- Radio Frequency Interference

  • Speaker -- audio tone proportional to target speed (higher tone for higher speeds)


FREQUENCY   K band   24.125 +/-100 MHz            Accuracy   +/-1 mph (+/- 1 kmh)      OUTPUT POWER   25 mW nominal     Power Density   less than 2 mW/sq cm (at 5 cm)         Beamwidth   12 degrees         Side lobe   24 dB    SUPPLY VOLTAGE   patrol car battery (via cigarette plug)                     10.8 to 16.5 Vdc (13.6 Vdc nominal, 0.75 A)     ENVIRONMENTAL   -30 to  60 degrees Celsius                    (-22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit)           PHYSICAL            lenght   8 in (20 cm)             width   4 in (10 cm)            height   8 in (20 cm)            weight  MICROWAVE SOURCE   Gunn-effect diode       MIXER DIODE   Schottky barrier (100 mW burnout rating)     claimed RANGE   1 mile (1.6 km) typical



Watch Youtube video below to see this actual gun in operation & tested:


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