The CW '00 Dodge Viper RT/10 Roadster Project has been completed  (11/20/02)  See first photos below!

Here are pictures of the Viper the day it was delivered with damage.


Work Begins:





How much stuff can you cram in a two car garage??

Garage Jam packed! The rides

Download your Windows XP Chickenwarrior Viper Desktop Background HERE (JPG Format)

Read Below about the Wheels being stolen from this 2000 RT/10!!!


Here's the info on the thug's that stole the wheels from this car

Police are seeking information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons stealing 4 chrome wheels and tires from 2000 Dodge Viper on the premises of Kentuckiana Auto Sales, 16121 Shelbyville Rd. Eastwood, KY in the early morning of November 14th. 

Suspects were caught on videotape committing this crime and are believed to live within 5 minutes of the area in which this crime was committed. 

Police are looking for 2-3 white males in their early 20s.

    Suspect 1 wearing dark slacks, dark coat, and a tight fitting dark ballcap.

    Suspect 2 wearing dark pants and a thick flannel jacket or shirt and has light colored hair, possible shaved on the sides with short hair on top

    Suspect 3 (believed to be suspect 2 without his coat on) had light hair, wearing blue jeans and a white T-Shirt. It is possible suspect 2 removed his jacket and reappeared as suspect 3 leaving only 2 suspects.  Most everyone agrees this is actually suspect 2

All individuals left in a mid-late 90s light colored Chevy full size pickup, with chrome wheels.  It did NOT have an extended cab.  The truck is believed to be silver in color but might possibly be a light metallic gold or light metallic blue.  2 Wheel Drive. No lift kit. 

This crime began precisely at 2:00 am on the morning of Wednesday, November 14th.  Suspects left briefly to get more equipment (another jack after the idiots realize the old bumper jack they brought won't work on a VIPER!) and returned 14 minutes later. At least one of the suspects lives within 5 minutes of this location, in Eastern Jefferson County.  Suspects are clearly visible carrying wheels to their truck and driving off at exactly 2:40 am.  All suspects hands would have had extremely dirty hands as all them participated in this theft.  None of the suspects wore gloves.  

If you have any information about this crime, or would like to view the video to identify a perpetrator.  Please call 502-574-2088 or 502-664-3620.  All information will be kept confidential if desired.  Charges will not be pressed if items are returned to property and police are not involved. One the police come knocking, all bets are off!  These rims are rare 6 Lug 18 Models and will not fit many vehicles. P/S Front Wheel has pretty good curb damage and a nail in the tire.  D/S rear wheel has some light scratches on edge of rim. Also Missing one centercap. I can identify these wheels!!  The Michelins only have 12,000 miles on them. These wheels will only fit a dodge viper or if modified, a dodge dakota.  Other information suggests the wheels may be used on a racecar being built for the race track in Louisville. You may also contact the Jefferson County Police at 502-574-2088 with more information. Photos of suspects and vehicle are now available.  Help me catch these creeps!!!!

The getaway vehicle (click on any photo to enlarge)

Chevy Truck puliing into Frame Clear view of Chevy Truck used in Crime Clear view of Chevy Truck used in Crime Clear view of Chevy Truck used in Crime 

Suspect 1 wearing ballcap (click on any photo to enlarge)

Suspect 1 walking into video view for 1st time Suspect 1 about to leave to get a different jack Suspect 1 turning around to get bumper jack Suspect 1 taking old bumper jack back to truck Suspect 1 carrying off 1 wheel

Suspect 2 wearing flannel shirt over whit T-Shirt (click on any photo to enlarge)

 Suspect 2 setting up bumper Jack (What an idiot!) Suspect 2 finishing setting up bumper Jack (What an idiot!) Suspect 2 going to help his buddy loosen lug nuts Suspect 2 heading back to truck realizing they have wrong tools Suspect 2 popping back into frame to yell something to buddy 

Suspect 2 after removing flannel shirt STEALING my wheels (click on any photo to enlarge)

After rolling off 1 wheel, Suspect 2 returns minus flannel shirt Suspect 2 wearing Tshirt now going to pick up 2 wheels Suspect 2 about to pick up 2 wheels That's right.  First he tries to roll 2 wheels at same time IDIOT! Realizes carrying 2 wheels is easier than rolling 2 wheels Last Frame with Suspect 2 carrying wheels before leaving in truck.

Both Suspects (click on any photo to enlarge)

Both suspects making plan after arriving Both suspects talking it over... Suspect 1 leaving Suspect 2 to loosen lug luts while #2 brings out a bumper jack Just a few seconds after arriving

Here are some clips of the actual video in MPG format:

The Truck driving off (1.04 MB) Click to play, Right Click to save to disk

The Actual Theft (4.11 MB) Click to play, Right Click to save to disk


  Here's my viper the day after theft.  Notice the rotors they used as stands


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