91 Stealth Police Special
91 White Stealth
94 Yellow Stealth TT
94 Green 3000GT
94 Wht 3000GT
94 Black 3000GT
94 Red 3000GT
94 Red Stealth
94 Stealth RT
97 Black 3000GT
95 Black VR4 Spyder





Dodge Stealths
Many parts off the Dodge Stealth and 3000GT are interchangable.  There are some body differences.  Most notably the front bumper and headlight/turnsignal configurations.  1994 they also changed to projector beam type headlights instead the "pop-up" type.  These headlights are a most requested item and hard to come by.
Mitsubishi 3000GT
The 3000GT was made for several years after Dodge decided to quit importing the Stealth.  Still fundamentally the same since 1991, there have been only minor design changes and the 3000GT remains as one of the most reliable cars on the road.

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